User Interfaces in DBMS

 User Interfaces in DBMS

·         An interface that is a user uses to access data from a database.

·         There are various user-interfaces provided by a DBMS are:

  1. Menu-Based Interfaces for Web Clients or Browsing –
  2. Forms-Based Interfaces
  3. Graphical User Interfaces
  4. Interfaces for the DBA
  5. Natural Languages Interfaces
  6. Interfaces for Parametric Users (Speech Input and Output)

1. Menu-Based Interfaces for Web Clients or Browsing –

  • These Interfaces display lists of options, known as menus.
  • The user chooses the desired options from the menus and executes the desired functions.
  •  Users do not need to recall the commands and syntax of the query language.
  • Used in browsing interface. 

 2. Forms-Based Interfaces

  • ·         A forms-based interface shows the structure for values to each user ex. Registration form.
  • ·         Users can manipulate records.
  • ·         Users have no need to be expertise in the operating system.

 3. Graphical User Interfaces

  • ·         A graphical user interface (GUI) shows the diagrammatic structure.
  • ·         GUI’s utilize both menus and forms.
  • ·         Most GUIs use a pointing device such as a mouse, to pick a certain part of the displayed schema diagram.

 4. Interfaces for the DBA

  • ·         It is framework includes powerful commands utilized by the DBA.
  • ·         These contain instructions for generating accounts, setting system frameworks, allocating account permission, modifying a schema, and rearranging the storage mechanism of the database.

  • 5. Natural Languages Interfaces
  • ·         Interfaces are written in English or a few different languages.
  • ·         Interface has its own “schema”, which is similar to the database conceptual schema as well as a dictionary of important words.
  • ·         When a client enters a request or query then the interface understands this request and interprets it.
  • ·         If the interpretation is successful, then the interface generates a high-level query to the natural language and submits it to the DBMS for processing, otherwise a dialogue or message is shown to the user with clarification.
  • ·         The main disadvantage of interfaces type is not much in advance.

 6. Interfaces for Parametric Users (Speech Input and Output)

  • ·         Parametric users such as bank tellers (ATM).
  • ·         It has a small set of functions that must execute constantly.
  • ·        It is based on practical rather than theoretical.
  • ·         Ex. system analysts and programmers use layouts to implement a special interface that contains a small set of abbreviated commands with minimizing the number of keystrokes for each request.
  • ·         Example:- Inquiries for telephone directory, flight arrival/departure, and bank account information are allowed speech for input and output to enable ordinary folks to access this information.


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